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U8 - U10

Passing technique

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Area – 15 x 15 with 5 players and one soccer ball. The players are positioned as shown with the central player with the soccer ball.

• The middle player passes the soccer ball to any player and then follows the pass.

• The receiving player takes a touch and passes to any other player and follows the pass..….and so on.


Use left foot only

Use right foot only

Players takes two touches and the next time takes one touch

Coaching points:

Use the inside of the foot. Instill good habits.

Players try not to run across the path of the ball

Intelligence, Body shape, Enthusiasm

First touch, Passing & Moving

Area: 15 x 15. This exercise shows 5 players. Two teams of 3 v 2. The blue team has one soccer ball while the black team each have a ball. (You can start with one player being the dribble player and 4 players being the passing players)

1. The black team dribble their soccer ball in the playing area and attempt to get in the way of the blue team.

2. The blue team attempt to pass their soccer ball in the playing area.

3. Players CANNOT touch the other teams ball.


Switch roles

Coaching points:

The players that are keeping possession quickly find space.

Weight, accuracy and timing of the pass using the inside of the foot.

Body shape when receiving the ball. If the player receiving the ball does not see an open player, move the ball with a good first touch.

Dribbling players keep the intensity

Area – 30 x 40. Play 4 v 4 or 3 v 3 with no GK. Instead of goals, place about 6 cones across each end line.

Normal soccer rules apply.

1. To score the teams have to hit an opposition cone.

2. Once the cone is hit, that cone is moved to the scoring teams end line.

3. Which team has the most cones?

Coaching points:

Look for passing accuracy.

Players will be competitive.



Put in normal goals and scrimmage.

  • Decision making
  • Team work
  • The feeling of success and failure
  • Lots of communication
  • Enjoyable
  • The sense of working together
Psychological / Social
  • Competitive
  • Bursts of speed
  • Stamina
  • Players go from one exercise to another
  • To get success players need to be mobile
  • Passing technique:
Weight, Accuracy, Timing
  • Ball control
  • Body shape when receiving the ball
  • Angle of support
  • Do we pass to space or to feet?
  • Field awareness
  • Decision making
  • Pass to space or to feet
  • Team shape
  • Reaction to losing the ball or winning the ball
  • Work as a team to get to the end goal
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