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U8 - U10

Fun Warm-ups

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Sit down tag - Area depends on how many players you have. 20 x 20 is shown. Designate 2 players to be a ‘Tagger’ and separate them with a colored pinnie. The rest of the players have a soccer ball

1.The players with a ball dribble around the playing area. The yellows run around inside the area and attempt to tag the players.

2.If a player gets tagged, they sit on their soccer ball.

3.To free these players they must be tagged on the shoulder by a dribbling player.

4.See if the yellows can get every player sat down.

Coaching points:

Close ball control

Look for players sitting down

The coach can tag players on the shoulder if it gets too easy for the taggers.

Tail Tag

Area – 20 x 20, Each player has a pinnie tucked in the back of their shorts. Play with two / three teams all separated by the colored pinnies.

1. The players run around inside the area trying to steal pinnies from the opposite team.

2. Once they grab a pinnie, they throw it out of the playing area.

3. The player who has had their pinnie thrown away can now put it back in and rejoin the game.


1. Once your pinnie is taken, you are out.

2. Each player now has a ball. They try to steal other pinnies while keeping control of their ball.

Crab soccer - Area depends on how many players you have. 20 x 25 is shown.

1. Designate about 3 – 4 players to be a ‘crab’. These players sit down on the field without a ball.

2. The rest of the players stand with their ball at one of the end lines.

3. On the coaches signal, the players have to dribble the ball to the opposite end line.

4. The ‘crabs’ have to try and kick the balls out of the playing area. If they do, that player now joins them to become a ‘crab’.

5. Once all players have reached the opposite end line, they now go again until all players have no ball.

Coaching points:

Close ball control

Attacking the space

Area – 25 x 25 Bumper ball warm up

• All players have a ball

1. Players move around the playing area and attempt to hit other players soccer balls with their own ball.

2. Each player counts how many times they hit a ball.

3. Use side foot passes.


• First player to hit 10 balls is the winner

•Players now kick the ball out of the playing area while shielding their own ball.

Coaching points:

Passing with the inside of the foot

Shielding the ball

Keep the ball close to player

Quick feet and movement

Psychological / Social
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