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U8 - U10

Dribble and shoot

Area – 25 x 30, 2 goals with goalkeeper’s. Each player has a soccer ball.

1. First player from each group dribbles towards the cone, performs a fake move at the cone and shoots at the goal.

2. They then get their ball and join the opposite group.

3. Move the teams to the other cone to work on their opposite foot.


1. Red line: One player at a time. First player dribbles and shoots.

2. After they take the shot, the next player from the opposite group starts. The player who has taken the shot sprints across to tackle the shooting player. If the player gets tackled, or takes a shot, they then chase the player from the other team who has begun the exercise..

4. After the chase, they then join their own group.

5. So, “After a shot, you chase!!”

Coaching points:

• Striking the ball with your laces.

• Shoot across the GK.

• Play at “game speed”. Player’s intelligence, once they shoot, they chase. (It’s copying a loss of possession in a game. Looking for reactions.)

Download the practice card

Area – 25 x 30. Two teams. The coach has all the soccer balls. Each team is standing in their goal, linking arms.

1. Each player is numbered 1 - 5. (or more)

2. The coach calls out a number (or two numbers) and serves in the ball.

3. The player with that number from each team enters the field, plays a 1 v 1, 2 v 2 etc and attempts to score on the opposition’s goal.

4. The remaining players stay linked together and act as a large goal-keeper. If they break the chain, then a goal is awarded to the other team.


Coaching points:

Team work & Fun


Encourage players to be positive

Attack at speed

Close ball control

Spacing when more than 1 v 1

Area – 25 x 30, 2 goals with GK’s. Teams are placed at opposite ends as shown with a cone facing each team 30 yards away.

1. The coach calls out a number. If coach calls “TWO”, 2 players from each team run around the opposite cone as fast as they can. They now attack the goal they are facing.

2. The coach serves in the ball. A 2 v 2  is played.

3. Play until a goal is scored or until the ball goes out of bounds.

4. Players return back to their group and the coach calls out another number.


1. You can play without GK's. The first player that makes it to the cone becomes the goalkeeper.

2. The coach places four cones in a diamond shape on the field. 4 players always start the exercise. When the coach calls out 'GO', 4 players sprint around the far cone and each player from both teams stands on a cone (players cannot stand on the same cone as a team mate) Once a team has all players on each cone the coach serves in a ball.

  • Decision making
  • Team work
  • The joy of scoring goals
  • The feeling of allowing a goal and then working hard to get one back
  • Encouraging coach
  • Fun
Psychological / Social
  • Competitive
  • Go, go , go
  • The exercises make players work hard
  • Short bursts of energy
  • 1v1, 2v2 battle
  • There will be body contact
  • Shooting with the laces or the side foot
  • Choose a target to shoot at - Away from the GK
  • Passing technique
  • Body shape when receiving the ball and when shooting
  • Angle of support
  • Field awareness
  • Decision making
  • Pass to space or to feet
  • The understanding of when to shoot
  • When do we need a team mate for help?
  • Where to place the shot
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