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U15 - U18

Goalkeeper Distribution

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Technical warm up - Area: 30 x 30 playing area. Two goalkeepers are placed in the middle of the playing area. Players are placed equally on the 4 corners.

Two soccer balls are used.

1. The player with the ball chips or passes the ball into a goalkeeper.

2. The goalkeeper either catches the ball or use their feet to distribute the ball back to the player who played them the ball.

3. Once the goalkeeper distributes the ball the player passes to the opposite corner player and follows the pass.

4. The next corner player performs the same task.


The goalkeeper can either distribute the ball to the player that passed them the ball or they can distribute to the next corner player.

Coaching points:

Ball control by all players.

Area – Play 7 v 7 on a suitable size field. Goalkeepers are the only players allowed in the center circle. Each team has a designated goalkeeper.

1.To score 1 point a team must chip or pass the ball into their goalkeeper.

2. To score two points that goalkeeper must start the attack by throwing or passing to a team mate and then that team must score on one of the larger goals.

3. Goalkeepers have 4 seconds before distributing the ball.

4. The attacking team can score on any goal. (2 points)

Coaching points:

Pressure to stop the pass to the goalkeeper.

Movement into space once the goalkeeper has the ball.

The goalkeepers decision once they receive the ball. Which goal can we attack and what kind of distribution is needed?

Defensive transition to stop the opposition scoring.


You can use four smaller goals instead of two large ones.

Area- 60 x 40 (or full field) with two teams playing 7 v 7.

The field is split into thirds.

• Normal soccer rules apply.

• The only change is when the goalkeeper has possession of the ball the opposition must move behind the line marked on the field.

• Once the goalkeeper distributes the ball the opposition can now cross the line and attempt to win the ball.

• Remove the lines once you feel the team is getting a grasp on playing the ball out from the back.

Coaching points:

Split quickly into space once the goalkeeper has the ball.

Quality of the goalkeepers distribution and where it goes (To feet or to space)

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