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U11 - U14

Possession & movement

Area: 30 x 30. 7 v 7 no goal keepers..

1. The ball is thrown from team mate to team mate.

2. Once the ball is caught by a player they cannot travel with it.

3. Team mates move up the field to receive a throw.

4. As soon as the ball hits the ground, possession goes to the opposite team. If a block is made from a throw and it hits the ground then possession stays with the team that threw it.

5. A goal has to be scored by a header or a volley.

6. The player holding the ball has 3 seconds to get rid of it.

Variation: You can add goalkeepers

Coaching points:



Build up play

Decision to set up a goal scoring opportunity

Team work

Area: 30 x 30. Two teams of 4 players plus a goalkeeper in the one goal. Each team has four players inside the playing area and three servers on the outside.

1. One team starts as the attackers and receives a pass from the coach.

2. The attacking team try to score with the help of their outside servers. They keep possession and show quick movement to create scoring opportunities.

3. If the opposition win the ball, they pass it to one of their servers and begin an attack.

4. The defenders mark aggressively to force the attackers to move.

5. Rotate the players in the middle with the outside players.

6. Servers cannot be tackled.

Coaching points:

Quality of passing.

Timing of movement

Don’t just move. Know why you are moving

Quick movement into space

Know when to keep possession

Quick ball movement

Area – Half a field extended by 10 yards with a 5 yard safe zone. 14 players including a GK arranged in a 6 v 6  in main playing area with two supporting players in the safe zone. Defenders line up 2 defenders and 4 midfield players.

1. The coach plays the ball to a yellow player.

2. If pressurized the midfield player can drop the ball back in the safe zone to retain possession or switch the attack.

3. The purpose is to create scoring opportunities and movement in free play.

4. The offside rule applies.

5. If the defenders win the ball they attempt to pass to one of the players in the safe zone.

6. Teams / players switch roles

Coaching points:

If yellows win the ball off the defenders, encourage counter attacks.

Spread out when in possession

Movement and support

Combination passing to correct space or foot.


Finish off your session with a game. Look for quality possession.

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