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U11 - U14

Playing through the midfield

Download the practice card

Area -  Two 15 x 15 boxes with 6 players and one soccer ball. One player is positioned on each end line.

1. Every player has to touch / pass the ball. The last person to receive the ball passes the ball long to the player on the opposite end line.

2. All four players now move into the opposite playing area. The player who passed the ball to the end line player, swaps positions. The end line player who has just received the ball passes to one of the incoming players who start the same passing sequence.

3. Every player has to touch / pass the ball. The last person to receive the ball passes the ball long to the player on the opposite end line.


Add a defender

Coaching points:

Body shape, communication, quality passing (back foot)

Area – 25 x 20 with 8 players and 4 small goals. Each team has three players on their half of the field, with a target player behind the opposite goals.

1. One team starts with the ball.

2. One defender can enter the opposition half and pressure the ball.

3. The team in possession can score by either shooting into a mini goal or passing to the target player.

4. The two defenders who are not pressing work together to block any shots or passes to the goal or target player.

5. If a team scores, they keep possession and a new defender goes in to press the ball.


Allow 2 defenders to enter and play 3v2. (This could be the target play)

Place maximum pass restriction on the team in possession

Allow the target player to enter the opposing area 5 seconds at a time. The team in possession can now only score in the mini goals but can pass into the moving target play who can score from close range.

Coaching points:

Move the ball quickly. Can players get their heads up when in possession and look forward?

Area – 30 x 53 playing area with three zones. 14 players are shown. Split the teams into 6 players with two neutral players. Set up a 3v3 in the 25 yard area and a 2v2 in the 20 yard area. The central zone is for the neutral players. All the players except the neutral players stay in their zones.

1. Play starts with a pass from the goalkeeper to a neutral player.

2. The neutral player now starts an attack for the reds. A 3v2 is played in the 20 x 30 zone.

3. If the dark team win the ball they can pass to the other neutral player to start the attack on the opposite goal where a 4v3 will be played.

4. If a goal is scored the goalkeeper starts the attack by throwing the ball to a neutral player.


Coaching points:

See the different ways in which the extra player can affect the game.

Play quickly

Look for the triangles


Finish the session playing a scrimmage. Look for the team that can play the ball through the midfield.

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