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U11 - U14

Playing out from the back

Area: 15 x 15 with four gates as shown above. 8 - 10 players with 2 soccer balls.

1. The two starting players pass the ball clockwise.

2. Receiving player takes a quality first touch through the gate, then passes to the next player.

3. After passing, players follow the pass.

3. Change direction and pass counter clockwise. The gates will have to be changed. See if your players can work it out?


Before receiving a pass the player receiving the ball moves through the gate. The ball is now passed to that player. The player passes it back and then moves through the gate to receive the final pass. Their first touch now takes them through the gate.

Coaching points:

Pass the ball to the correct foot

Receive the ball on the back foot

Quality first touch with open body stance

Quality passing – Accuracy, weight and timing of the pass


Area – 25 x 30 with two goals. The field is divided into two halves. A GK and two defenders start in each half. A midfielder starts on the halfway line. Two opposing strikers are in each half. When not in the game, the strikers wait on the halfway line.

1.GK starts with the ball.

2.Two defenders split and midfielder drops to create diamond shape 4 v 2.

3.The aim of the four defensive players is to create 3 passes and transfer the ball into the next group.

4.The strikers put the defense under pressure.

5.The other strikers enter the game once the ball is given to the GK at the other end. The center midfield player now creates the diamond shape is this playing zone.

6.If the strikers win the ball they try to score.


  • There is now no passing restrictions.

  • Change the two strikers to white and two defenders to red. The midfielder can have a neutral colored pinnie (Yellow) The GK, defenders and the midfield player combine to play the ball to the two strikers inside the opposite half. If successful, the midfielder joins in to create a 3 v 2 to score.

Coaching points:

Center backs split. Create the diamond shape – The midfield player must never be on the same line as the strikers. Correct body shape.

Use the GK whenever you can

Area: 60 x 40 field 8 v 8 set up in a 2-4-1 formation.


1. Play possession soccer with the team in possession looking for opportunities to play forward. If forward passes are not available, look to keep possession.

2. When the ball is lost, press the ball to win it back.

3. When the GK has the ball, look to play the ball out from the back.

Download the practice card

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