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U11 - U14

Playing the ball forward

Technical warm up - Area: Set up a 10 x 20 playing area. This exercise shows 5 players so you can run numerous stations.

• One end player has 5 soccer balls.

1. The object of the exercise is for the 5 balls to be passed to the opposite player using 2v1. Players can also use the end-line player as a team member.

2. The players in the middle can only use the 5 balls. If the defender wins a ball, that ball is ‘out’.

3. Once the balls have been transferred to the opposite end, the two attackers and the defender move to the opposite area and attempt to pass the rest of the balls to the opposite end..

4. See how many times the players can go back and forth.

Coaching points:

Decision making. Outside passer chooses the best option.

Body shape when receiving the ball.

Fakes and turns.

Patient build up.

Team work

Area – 25 x 40. This exercise is 3 v 3. The coach has all the soccer balls. Set-up is as shown (shows two teams of 6 players) The strikers are placed on the middle cones opposite to their team mates.

1. Coach serves in the ball.

2. Can the receiving player find the target man?

3. If they do, they have to work together to get across the end line they are attacking. Yellows are attacking right to left.


Two target players join in on the middle cone. It is now 4v4.

Coaching points:

Decision making. When to pass / dribble?

Movement, enthusiasm, team work, awareness and communication.

Area- 60 x 40 (or full field) with two teams playing 7 v 7.

Normal soccer rules apply.

1. Allow the teams to play and see whether they have learned from your previous exercises.

2. Know the right moment to step in to coach playing forward.

3. This part of the session is a valuable opportunity to coach the style of play you want from your team.

4. Make sure the team sticks to good habits.

Download the practice card

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