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U11 - U14

Passing under pressure

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Area: 20 x 20. This exercise shows 6 players. Two teams of 3. The blue team has one soccer ball while the black team each have a ball.

1. The black team dribble their soccer ball in the playing area and attempt to get in the way of the blue team.

2. The blue team attempt to pass their soccer ball in the playing area.

3. Players CANNOT touch the other teams ball.


Switch roles

Coaching points:

The players that are keeping possession quickly find space.

Weight, accuracy and timing of the pass.

Body shape when receiving the ball. If the player receiving the ball does not see an open player, move the ball with a good first touch.

Dribbling players keep the intensity

Area – 25 x 40 Split into two sections of 25 x 20. Two teams of 5. The coach has all the soccer balls.

1. Coach serves in the ball.

2. Once the ball is touched by the receiving team 1 or 2 players (depending on the ability of your group) enter that playing area.

3. The coach counts the passes. After 5 passes, another player enters the area.

4. Once the ball is won, the defending team move back to their area.

5. The coach now passes the ball into the opposite area and the same process is performed.


Send in two defenders. The defenders have to win the ball back and pass it to their team mates in the opposite group.

Coaching points:

Finding space

Movement, enthusiasm, team work, awareness and communication.

Area – 50 x 30. The field has three playing zones. Two end zones 15 x 30 and middle zone 20 x 30. Play 4v4 in the middle zone. One ball is used. (You can play with more players in the middle zone if needed)

1. The exercise shows the blue team in possession. After three or more passes the ball can be passed or dribbled into the end zone which the blue team is attacking.

2. Once this happens another blue team mate must support that player. A defending player can also enter the end zone to defend the goal.

3. Can the blue players combine a pass to score a goal?

4. When in possession the black team attack the opposite goal.



Coaching points:





  • Decision making
  • Team work
  • The joy of working together
  • Feeling of success and failure 
  • Communication
  • Encouragement
  • Fun
Psychological / Social
  • Competitive
  • Go, go , go
  • The exercises make players work hard
  • Short bursts of energy
  • Quick movenet off the ball
  • Defensive duties are very physical
  • Passing - Weight, Accuracy and Timing
  • Ball control. Which part of the body?
  • Passing technique
  • Body shape when receiving the ball and when passing
  • Angle of support
  • Field awareness
  • Decision making
  • Pass to space or to feet
  • The understanding of movement
  • When do we need a team mate for help?
  • Team shape
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