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U11 - U14

Passing - Combination play

Technical warm up Set-up a large square 25 x 25 area. No more than 8 players on the outside corners. Two players are in the middle of the square. One ball is used.

1.Players pass the ball anti-clockwise around the square and then move to the next corner.

2.They can use the middle players to help them. The middle players can also combine passes. The middle players can also pass to the next corner player.

3.Now move in the opposite direction (Clockwise)


Add a defender to the middle area (Circled) 2v1 in the center

Play 3v2 in the center

Coaching points:


Passing looks realistic


Accuracy, weight and timing of the pass.

Download the practice card

Game related practice - Area – 45 x 20 (three 15 x 20 areas) Three teams of 4 (Can be played with 5 or 6 per team, just make playing area larger) The coach has all the soccer balls. Two teams occupy the end zones and the defending team occupy the outside of the middle zone.

1. The coach passes the ball to blues. Two yellows enter the area to defend.

2. The blue team have to combine 4 or more passes before they switch the ball to greens.

3. If they are successful then two yellows enter that playing area. The yellows that have just been defending move back to the center outer area.

4. If the defenders win the ball, they now occupy that playing area while the team that lost the ball all move to the center area and the coach passes the ball to the possession team.


The defenders can stay in the middle zone to block passes.

Coaching points:

Sharp tight touches


Create angles of support

Area – 40 x 60 playing area with two teams. Play 6 v 6 with 2 floaters. The floating players play for the team in possession.

1. Normal soccer rules apply.

2. Start the game with the goalkeeper having the ball.

3. The GK distributes the ball to the defender. They switch the ball to the opposite side.

4. Once that wide player touches the ball, the game is live.

5. Look for players moving the ball away from pressure and combine the play to find spare players.

6. Play with the restart for about 10 minutes and then let the players play.


Coaching points:

Mental awareness of space.

Players keep scanning the field.

Move the ball quickly and with quality.

Find the spare players and create 2v1 on the field.

  • Decision making
  • Team work
  • The joy of working together
  • Possession is menatlly challenging
  • Feeling of success and failure 
  • Communication
  • Fun
  • Competitive
  • The exercises make players work hard
  • Short bursts of energy
  • Quick movenet off the ball
  • Keeping possession is hard work
  • Passing - Weight, Accuracy and Timing
  • Ball control. Which part of the body?
  • Body shape when receiving the ball and when passing
  • We have the ball oppostion cannot score
Psychological / Social
  • Field awareness
  • Decision making
  • Pass to space or to feet
  • The understanding of movement
  • Keep probing for openings
  • Belief in possession
  • Team shape
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