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U11 - U14

Make it competitive

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Fun keep away.

Area – 20 x 20. This exercise shows eight players. Two yellow defenders and six dark attackers. All the dark players have a soccer ball.

1. The exercise starts with the two defenders entering the area and attempting to kick all the balls out of the playing area.

2. The dark players dribble and shield their ball from the defenders.

3. If a dark players ball is kicked out, they now become a support player for the other dark players.

4. You will eventually end up with one soccer ball and a 6 v 2.

5. Switch defenders.

Coaching points:

When a player loses the ball, they must look around the area for the players that need help.

Dribbling and shielding. Communication and the use of space If the last ball gets kicked out, bring in another ball and coach spacing.

Area – Three 12 x 12 boxes with 4 players in boxes 1, 2 and 3 with one ball in each box.

1. Two players start at the cones on the end-line as shown.

2. The players that are in the 12 x 12 area pass the ball and move in their own area working on their technique.

3. On the coaches signal, the two players sprint round the far cones and enter box #1.

4. They attempt to win the ball while the 4 players play keep away.

5. Once they win the ball, they move into box #2 until they have won the ball and then into box #3. Once they win the ball in box #3, they sprint past the end line.

6. The coach times the players to see how long it takes.

Coaching points:

Praise the competitive actions

Team work.

Area - 60 x 40 with 8 v 4. The coach has all the soccer balls and a stopwatch. Each game runs for 90 seconds.

1. The coach serves in the ball to the dark team.

2. The four yellows work together to win the ball while the dark team look to keep possession.

3. As soon as yellows win the ball, that ball is no longer in play and the coach serves in another ball.

4. The coach counts how many balls are used in the 90 seconds of play.

5. After 90 seconds of play the group switches to new defenders.

Coaching points:

Yellows pressing the play and working together. Forcing the play to tight areas.

Defenders press as a team


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