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U11 - U14

Finding the open player

Area: Four 10 x 10 boxes with a 5 yard square on the inside. Five players for this exercise with one soccer ball.

1. The players pass the soccer ball between themselves.

2. Once a pass is made the passer must change places with another player left, right or in the center.

3. Players attempt to play the exercise by using two touches.

Coaching points:

Players receive the ball across their body on the back foot in order to see the entire playing area.

Pass the ball to players that are ready to receive the ball. Weight, accuracy and timing of the pass.

Regardless of the movement, players should always be looking toward the center of the area and be able to see the ball at all times.


Now remove the cones

Area – 30 x 40 Split into two sections of 30 x 20 with 4 mini goals. Two teams of 6. Players are restricted to their half with a 3v2 on each half of the field. A defensive player with a supply of balls is behind the end line.

1. The objective is for the attacking team to take advantage of the extra player and score in either of the two goals.

2. The two players behind the goal act as restart players who play into the defensive team after a goal or when the ball goes out of play. This encourages the attacking team to press and win the ball back before the defenders can play to the attackers in the opposite half.


Give the attacking team a time limit in which to score.

The defender behind the goal can join in once the attackers receive the ball

Coaching points:

Do not let players turn this into a possession exercise. Success is measured by the creative attacking opportunities.

Attack the space.

Width and depth in attack

Area – 40 x 60 playing area with two teams. Play 6 v 6.

1. Normal soccer rules apply

2. The only rule change is:

•When a player scores, they join the other team.

3. See how many players end up on the attacking / defending team?

4. Play possession soccer and make the extra player count when you have possession overload.


Coaching points:

Mental awareness of the transition

Team defending, communication.

Team in possession use your numerical advantage.




Finish the session playing a scrimmage. Look for your players moving into space.

Download the practice card

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