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U11 - U14

Decision making

Technical warm up -  Set up: 40 x 40 area with 9 players (Three groups of 3 running simultaneously) Each group has one ball.

1.The ball is passed to the middle player who has to transfer the ball to the next play in their group

2. The ball can be transferred by also using these methods:

• Passer plays a give and go with middle player. The middle player then moves to the outside of the playing area.

• The middle player passes to the outside and then overlaps the player they passed to.

• The middle player can drop the ball back to the outside player who passes long to the opposite team mate.

• A rotation of the middle player and outside player.

Coaching points:

Quality of passing. Finding the space. A quick look over the shoulder before receiving the pass. Creativity in getting the ball from one side to another. Body shape. Communication.

Area – 30 x 53 playing area with three zones. 14 players are shown. Split the teams into 6 players with two neutral players. Set up a 3v3 in the 25 yard area and a 2v2 in the 20 yard area (a 3v3 can be used in both areas if you have more players) The central zone is for the neutral players. All the players except the neutral players stay in their zones.

1. Play starts with a pass from the goalkeeper to a neutral player.

2. The neutral player now starts an attack for the reds. A 3v2 is played in the 20 x 30 zone.

3. If the dark team win the ball they can pass to the other neutral player to start the attack on the opposite goal where a 4v3 will be played.

4. If a goal is scored the goalkeeper starts the attack by throwing the ball to a neutral player.

Coaching points:

See the different ways in which the extra player can effect the game.

Play quickly

Look for the triangles

Get the players to play out of their ‘10 x 10 box’. More awareness on the field.

While defending the defenders must keep glancing at the two floating midfielders to see where they are on the field. When they win the ball back they can find them with a quality pass.

Area – 40 x 60 playing area with two teams. Play 7 v 7 with 2 neutral players.

1. Normal soccer rules apply.

2. Start the game with the goalkeeper having the ball.

3. The defending team allows the GK to distribute the ball to the defender. They switch the ball to the opposite side.

4. Once that wide player touches the ball, the game is live.

5. Look for players moving the ball away from pressure.

6. Play with the same restart for about 10 minutes and then let the players play.


Coaching points:

Mental awareness of space.

Players keep scanning the field.

Move the ball quickly and with quality.

Look for players who want the ball.

Download the practice card

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