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U11 - U14

Create scoring opportunities

Area: 40  x 30. 8 players and 2 soccer balls. The central players are separated by pinnies. The white central players play together and the darks play together. Tall cones are scattered around the playing area to act as obstacles / defenders.

1. The ball is passed from one side of the playing area to the other (left to right or right to left)

2. The middle player that receives the ball can either use their team mate to get the ball from one side to the other or they can pass it without using a team mate.

3. All central players move around playing area finding space and opening up their body to receive the ball.

4. Switch the inside players.

Variation: Yellow line – Once the ball is passed to an end line player, they switch it to the other end line player.

Red line – The middle player who receives a pass from an end line player switches it to the other end line player who now passes to the other central player

Coaching points:

Move into space for passes, be creative. Body shape, receiving on the 'back fooot', quality passing and communication.

Area: Suitable size for your players ability and age. If you have a lot of players (12 or more) then use two goals (as shown) The darks are shooting from the right side and the whites shooting from the left. The object of the exercise is to play passing combinations that end with a shot at goal.

1.The ball is passed to player 1. That player takes a first touch with their back foot away from the cone and passes to the striker.

2.The striker players a one touch pass back to player 1.

3.This is the trigger for the wide player to make a forward run. Player 1 passes (one touch) to the running wide player who then shoots at goal. If the pass is played wide then they cross it for the forward instead of shooting. Players now move to the next cone. The shooting player joins the other station to work on the opposite side.


Yellow line – The ball is passed to player 1 who passes the ball to the wide player. The wide player plays a give and go with the striker, using the cone as a defender.

Coaching points:

Accurate pass to the correct foot.

Correct open body stance.

Timing of pass and run. Shot at goal, aim for the corners.

Area – 60 x 40 play equal teams. Normal soccer rules apply

1. The coach is looking for the players to carry out some of the previous actions in phase 1 and phase 2 of the practice session.

2. Are the players passing the ball correctly?

3. Are they making good decisions even though the execution will sometimes be poor?

4. Is there movement off the ball from the team in possession?

5. Are you seeing some soccer intelligence?

6. Are there times when the ball needs to be played backwards to go forwards?

7. Are they able to create scoring opportunities?


Coaching points:

Look for all the coaching points covered in your session. Are the players attempting the instructions?


Finish off your session with a game. Allow the players to play.

Download the practice card

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