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Blueprint for success -  Team diary

The experiment:

P90 will follow the development of a U10 boys soccer team in the USA. We know this would be ideal if we had started at U9 but we feel we found the right coach to carry out this experiment. We will keep all names and teams annonymous as we watch the progression of the group. You will get eye witness reporting from the Coach and the results of games and tournament play. Even though the league results do not count at this young age the coach will post the scores. We are excited to see the development of the group and we are going to support them in anyway we can. We have total confidence in the P90 blueprint.


We joined the coach at his try outs and handed him the P90 curricullum. We told the coach that if he wanted any practice sessions all he had to do was e-mail P90 the topic of the session and we would send him that practice.



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2014 - 2015 U10

2015 - 2016 U11

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