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To gain an edge over the opponent or to get your players believing in their ability, all coaches need to understand the tactical side of soccer. We have been amazed how Barcelona play and how the Italians are masters at keeping clean sheets and how the 4-2-3-1 formation has taken over the game. There is a gap though in youth soccer. The gap between the coach and player on how tactics work. Coaches have to explain in simple terms the tactics they want from their team. Individual clarity refers to a players role on the team. There are thousands of decisions to be made on a soccer field. At every moment of the game the player is thinking about where to move, what to say and what pass to play. If each player does not understand their role, the tactical plan will break down. Training your players to become decision makers will help you develop a tactical team. Training the brain to solve problems on the practice field can only help the coach when talking about tactics.

Soccer Tactics

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