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Quick Feet

Area – 15 x 15. This exercise shows 9 players. Two players have a soccer ball.

The exercise starts with the two players with a ball dribbling around the area and trying to hit the other players below the knee.

1. This has to be done with a side foot pass.

2. If a player is hit below the knee they go and collect a ball from the coach and become a tagger.

3. Play until all players have been hit.

4. Change starting taggers.

Coaching points:

The players with the ball must show energy, movement with the ball and quick turning reactions while chasing players. Do not allow this to get out of hand. Emphasize the importance of the pass. Pass with the side of your foot. The contact made on the ball is in the middle, not on the bottom. Aim for the legs. If players kick their ball out, they have to retrieve it.


  • This is a fun exercise that encourages close ball control

  • It encourages the players scan the field

  • It teaches decision making

  • Players will use the inside, outside and the sole of their feet


  • Players will move quickly with the ball and turn at speed

  • They will dribble and then make a pass to hit a player

  • The art of competition

  • Intense and game related

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