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Possession v Pressing

Area – 60 x 40,

5 v 5 v 5 with five defenders holding a cone. This makes 10 v 5.

1. The teams are separated by colored vests.

2. Choose a defending team (yellow). All yellows are holding a cone.

3. The attacking teams (black & red) play possession. Once a defender wins possession of the ball, all defenders drop the cone.

4. The team that lost possession or has kicked the ball out of bounds has to pick up a cone that has been dropped before they are allowed to defend the ball.


Play without holding cones.

Coaching points:

Possession. Move the ball quickly.

Defending – contain the ball if your team mates have not yet picked up a disc.

Pressure, cover and balance




  • This is a fun exercise that encourages passing, teamwork and field awareness

  • Quick decision making on the transition

  • Fitness

  • It is game related because there is pressure on the players to perform


  • Players will learn to pass the ball quickly and have the vision to see the next pass or move

  • Closest defender should add pressure on the ball

  • Working together as a team

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