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Fun possession

SET UP 25 x 25 yard square. 

10 players are shown (you can play with more players and maybe another ball for the defending team?) Two teams of 5 players. The coach designates a different colored ball for the possession team. This ball (orange) is always used when a team is in possession. The defending team have two balls (different color from the possession ball). Two defenders are holding the balls.

1. The blue team keep possession with the orange ball. They pass and move in the playing area.

2. The defending yellow team play handball with their two soccer balls. They have to try and hit the orange ball by throwing their ball at it. When a player catches the ball they cannot move . Players without the ball move into a good position to hit the orange ball.

3. Once the orange ball is hit, possession changes hands.

4. If a ball is thrown wildly out of the playing area, the coach will keep the exercise going and throw in another ball for the defending team.

The possession team - The player in possession can dribble the ball away from pressure and also shield the ball if he / she feels it is going to get hit.


  • This is a fun exercise that encourages passing, teamwork and field awareness

  • Soccer is fun

  • It teaches decision making

  • It is game related because there is pressure on the players


  • Players will learn to pass the ball quickly

  • Closest defender should add pressure

  • Shield the ball if it is going to get hit

  • Working together as a team

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