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Field Awareness

Area – 20 x 20 (Depending on the amount of players at practice) The coach nominates 2 (or more) players to be the taggers. The rest of the players spread out inside the playing area. Two players hold a ball.

1. The two taggers move around the playing area attempting to tag the other players who are running away.

2. The taggers cannot tag a player who is holding a ball.

3. Once a player is tagged, they are frozen. To be unfrozen one of the players with a ball will throw the ball to them. They are now free and in the game and looking to free others.

Coaching points:

Players with a ball are watching for players that are frozen and where the taggers are moving.

Players that are frozen communicate.

When the ball is thrown players make eye contact with each other and communicate.


  • This is a fun exercise that encourages awareness on the field

  • It encourages the players to communicate

  • It teaches decision making and movement


  • Players will get a sense of field vision

  • They will gain confidence from communicating

  • They will learn how to be a team player by helping others

  • They will benefit from moving around the playing area while lifting their heads

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