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Sit down tag - Area depends on how many players you have. 20 x 20 is shown. Designate 2 players to be a ‘Tagger’ and separate them with a colored pinnie. The rest of the players have a ball

1. The players with a ball dribble around the playing area. The yellows run around inside the area and attempt to tag the players.

2. If a player gets tagged, they sit on their soccer ball.

3. To free these players they must be tagged on the shoulder by a dribbling player.

4. See if the yellows can get every player sat down.

Coaching points:

Close ball control

Dribbling players look for players sitting down and the taggers.

The coach can tag players on the shoulder if it gets too easy for the taggers.


  • This is a technical dribbling exercise that mimics game situations.

  • It teaches dribbling under pressure and the moment to attack

  • It teaches field awareness and decision making


  • Players will get a sense of pressure from competing

  • They will be challenged on decision making and will need to solve problems

  • From a players perspective, it needs close ball control, vision and field awareness

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