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Combination passing

Area: 20 x 20. This exercise shows 7 players. Two teams, 4 v 3. The blue team has one soccer ball while the yellow team players each have a ball.

1. The yellow team dribble their soccer ball in the playing area and attempt to get in the way of the blue team. They attempt to tag the player with the ball.

2. The blue team pass their soccer ball in the playing area and they try to avoid being tagged.

3. When the blue team have been tagged three times, switch roles.

3. Players CANNOT touch the other teams ball.


Can the players play two touches?

Coaching points:

The players that are keeping possession quickly find space.

Weight, accuracy and timing of the pass using the inside of the foot.

Body shape when receiving the ball. If the player receiving the ball does not see an open player, move the ball with a good first touch.

Dribbling players keep the intensity


  • This is a technical passing exercise that mimics game situations.

  • It teaches passing under pressure. It's certainly better than players standing in pairs passing the ball back an forth.

  • It teaches movement off the ball and ball control while moving.


  • Players will get a sense of pressure from a defender

  • They will be challenged on decision making and will need to solve problems

  • From a players perspective, it looks like a game

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