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Ball Mastery / Team work

SET UP 20 x 20 yard square. 

5 players (or more) each have a ball and can dribble anywhere within the square.  3 players start by linking arms and can move anywhere in the square as long as their arms are linked together.

1. The players dribble their ball around the playing area.

2. The chain starts to move around the playing area. If any part of chain touches the players ball, the player must join the chain and kick their ball out of the area. 

3. The game continues until all the players are caught in the chain.

If you have lots of players split the chain once it has 6 players into two groups of three.


  • This is a fun exercise that encourages close ball control

  • It encourages the players scan the field

  • It teaches decision making

  • Players will use the inside, outside and the sole of their feet


  • Players will move quickly with the ball and turn at speed

  • The players in the chain will learn how to communicate

  • Learn that soccer is fun!

  • Understand team work

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