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Parents - You have a role to play

The parent is the foundation for a players development

A key element in a structured coaching environment are the influence of parents. The parents are the ones that influence the children to participate and they need to be made part of the development process. This does not mean they can tell you what formations to play or tell you where their child should be playing on the field. Of course, you will get some parents that come and tell you this. You have to address the issue with integrity and good communication. If you have followed a structured plan and stuck with the process, you will have a quality answer that they will understand and hopefully agree with. 

If the parents see a progression in the development, they will buy into the process and just sit back and enjoy the ride. If you start to look disorganized, stop communicating and not give players an opportunity to improve then the problems of parental support will disappear. When you think about it, the parent is the foundation of your soccer club. The parent is the one who is teaching their child physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. There will be many times that your team or a player will encounter a few problems. To get the team or player back on track as quickly as possible you will need a strong parental support. If the parent supports the coach they will become a huge influence in getting their child back on track if need be. The one thing players should not be hearing are over critical parents. So if a player is going through a troubled time, then you and the parent have to be the supportive structure to help that player get back to enjoying the game. 

A blueprint for success

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