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How do I deal with disruptive behavior?  Matt Roberts, Fairfax, VA

Is it important for a coach to have a philosophy?  Tom Shaw, Lincoln, England

How important is the role of the holding midfielder? Joe Thompson, San Diego, USA

What is the best system to play at youth level? Michael Franks, Reading, PA, USA

I love attacking but I want to teach my players a defensive mindset. What advice do you have? Dave Watson, Edinburgh, Scotland

All our team parents seem to care about is winning. What is your advice on winning V's player development? John Peters, Boulder, CO

P90, It looks like the FA will be banning heading at the younger age groups. How can we adapt to this?   Barry Cameron, Cumbria, England

How can I make fitness fun and related to the game? J Monroe, Glasgow, Scotland

Will changing the age structure help US Soccer? D Martin, McClean, VA

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