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Futouch was an idea that was birthed in the summer of 2001.  Originating from a month-long soccer trip touring 5 countries across Europe while playing 3 different tournaments, a concept and product was formulated.  At that time we were 13 years old.  Spending the majority of our time on the soccer field during our trip, it was natural for us to find something to pass the time between games.  Armed with nothing but our soccer bags and shoes, we constructed a mini makeshift soccer-tennis court with what we had and began playing.  Making up appropriate rules as we went along, using our shoes as corners to mark boundaries.  What made this game easy, and what really got us thinking about developing a product around what we were doing was the ability to put together and break down the court in mere seconds.  This concept was a must of us, because when it was time to pack up and leave, we didn’t want to waste time deconstructing an elaborate net.

Meet Futouch, a one of a kind soccer training tool that aims at getting as many ‘foot’ ‘touches’ on the ball as possible.  One of the best ways to improve on skills is to learn in an atmosphere where there is little to no pressure and is fun and exciting at the same time.  Using Futouch to play soccer tennis and similar games, players gain confidence in what they are doing and can add or simplify the rules depending on what their given outcome may be.  Add more rules and regulations such as touch limitation per side or no bounces to build a more competitive game or scale back the rules for a continuous skill building experience.


…develops precise touch on the ball

…develops anticipation and forward thinking (foresight)

…increases foot/eye coordination

…promotes communication

…offers continuous repetition for speedy learning

…restricts pressure from opponents

…promotes creativity with kicks and passes

…forces player to utilize different parts of the body (including head, chest, thigh, and feet)

…enables players to search for open spaces in the opposing side of the field and exploit them

Watch this workout!!
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