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U8 - U10

Field Awareness

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Area – 20 x 20 (Depending on the amount of players at practice) The coach nominates 2 (or more) players to be the taggers. The rest of the players spread out inside the playing area. Two players hold a ball.

1. The two taggers move around the playing area attempting to tag the other players who are running away.

2. The taggers cannot tag a player who is holding a ball.

3. Once a player is tagged, they are frozen. To be unfrozen one of the players with a ball will throw the ball to them. They are now free and in the game and looking to free others.

Coaching points:

Players with a ball are watching for players that are frozen and where the taggers are moving.

Players that are frozen communicate.

When the ball is thrown players make eye contact with each other and communicate.

Area – 20 x 20. 8 players. Make two teams of 4. Each team has a soccer ball.

1. Yellows move the ball from east to west and dark's from north to south.

2. Players are looking ahead to see what ball they can play. The outside players can move side to side on the outer line.

3. Players receive the ball with an open body and control the ball with the ”Back foot”.


Once a player passes to an outside player, they swap positions.

Play with one ball with a 2 v 2 in the middle.

Coaching points:

Lots of movement to create the angle for a pass.

Open body stance. Receive on the “Back foot”.


Patience to get the ball to the opposite side.

The ball can be dropped back to the outer player.

Area – 40 x 30. 9 Players 2 goalkeepers 3 v3 with a “Magic man” (Floater). In one half there is a 2v2 and in the other half a 1v1.

1. When play starts the “Magic man” plays in the half with the team who has the ball. This creates an overload.

2. When the ball is transferred to the opposite half, the “Magic man” moves to support the player with the ball.

3. If the defending player wins the ball, the “Magic man” now plays with that team.

4. Keep rotating the floating player.

Coaching points:

Lots of movement to create the angle for a pass.

Does the player need to use the support player? Use the support player as a decoy.

Timing of run and pass. Communication.

Patience to get the ball to the opposite side.

Decision making when taking the shot, do not aim for the middle of the goal.

  • Decision making
  • Team work
  • The feeling of success and failure
  • Lots of communication
  • Enjoyable
  • The sense of working together
Psychological / Social
  • Competitive
  • Bursts of speed
  • Stamina
  • Players go from one exercise to another
  • To get success players need to be mobile
  • Passing technique:
Weight, Accuracy, Timing
  • Ball control
  • Body shape when receiving the ball
  • Angle of support
  • Do we pass to space or to feet?
  • Field awareness
  • Decision making
  • Pass to space or to feet
  • Team shape
  • Reaction to losing the ball or winning the ball
  • Work as a team to get to the end goal
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