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U15 - U18

Playing through the thirds + Player rotation

Area: 40x40 with an inner 15x15 square. 14 players. 6v6 with pole/cones positioned as shown. 2 players from each team are positioned on each pole opposite each other. Two floating players always remain in the 15x15 square. All other players are free to roam the playing area.

1. The reds play with the floating players to create a 6v4 in the middle with + 2 outside players.

2. The outside players positioned at the poles can only be released when brought into play by a team mate., who must pass the ball to them and then rotate to take their place.

3. If yellows win the ball they now play with the floating players and keep possession.

Variation: Two touch soccer

Coaching points:



Quality passing

Decision making

Player rotation is quick

Looking to free the end players and rotation is the purpose of the session

Area: 60 x 20 (3 20x20 zones) with two end zones 5 x 20 in the middle zone. 14 players are used. 4v2 in zone 1, 3v1 in the middle zone with reds in the 5x20 zone and 2v2 in zone 3.

1.In Zone 1 the attacking team start with the ball. (Depending on your players ability will determine the number of passes made before passing the ball to the next zone)

2.They play 3 or more passes before passing the ball to one of the two wide players in the 5x20 zone. When a wide player receives a pass, it allows then to both enter the middle zone and play 3v1. After three or more passes they pass to zone 3.

3.When the ball is passed into zone 3 two players from the middle zone now help the players in zone 3 to create a 4v2. This now triggers two players from zone 1 to fill the 5x20 zone which is now vacant (Player rotation).

4.Play can now go back in the other direction.


The ball can be passed from zone 1 to zone 3. Players from the middle zone support and the rotation to the 5x20 zones are quick.

Coaching points:

Accurate and quick passing

Movement and angles


Area – 60x40 (three 20x40 zones), 14 players. Teams are set up in a 1-2-2-2  formation. (You can adapt the exercise to the number of players you have)

1. The GK always starts the exercise.

2. The ball must be played through the thirds.

3. The Yellow GK serves the ball. One of the yellow midfielders can drop in zone 1 between the two defenders to create a 4 v 2 (includes GK)

4. One of these players can now dribble the ball into the middle zone. A forward can now enter the middle zone to create a 3v2.

5. The progression to the attacking zone is difficult, One of the yellows must dribble into the attacking zone and play a 2v2. No overload in this zone because it is rare to find overloads in this area of the field. Be positive in your 1v1, 2v2.

Coaching points:

Decision making

Quick support

Quality passing and moving



Finish the session playing a scrimmage. Look for quality possession.

Download the practice card

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