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U11 - U14

650 touches

Download the practice card

Technical warm up -   Area: Three 5 x 24 channels with players at the start with a

soccer ball and one player occupying the spaces as shown.

The inside central player receives the ball on the back foot. The outside player, with their first touch, moves the ball into the next channel.

1. Starting player passes the ball to the correct foot of the next player and follows the pass.

2. Central player receives the ball on the back foot and passes to the correct foot of the outer player, and follows the pass.

3. Outer player takes a first touch into the next channel and passes to the next player and follows the pass.

4. Once the final player of the group receives the ball, they move the ball wide and run with the ball through the gate and then rejoins the start.

Coaching points:

Quality of passing. Weight, accuracy and timing.

Body shape when receiving the ball.

Quick movement after the pass.

Set up 30 x 24 split in two 30 x 12 playing areas. The teams start in opposing halves.

1. The coach serves in the ball to the yellow team.

2. Two or three blacks (depending on the ability of the group) move into the yellow half and attempt to win the ball.

3. Yellows count the number of completed passes.

4. Once a tackle or interception is made by a defender, the blacks move back into their playing half, along with two or three yellows.

5. The coach serves in a ball for the black team. They perform the same task.

6. The teams must remember the last number that was called out before they lost possession and then when they restart, they continue from that number.

7. First team to get to 50 passes accumulated from each time they are in possession, wins.

Coaching points:

Awareness of others, create angles and space

Defenders press as a team


Area – 60 x 40, one soccer ball.

5v5v5 with five defenders holding a disc. This makes 10v5.

1. The teams are separated by colored vests.

2. Choose a defending team (yellow). All yellows are holding a disc.

3. The attacking teams (black & red) play possession soccer. Once a defender wins possession of the soccer ball, all defenders drop the disc.

4. The team that lost possession or has kicked the ball out of bounds has to pick up a disc that has been dropped before they are allowed to defend the ball.


Play without holding cones.

Coaching points:

Possession. Move the ball quickly.

Defending – contain the ball if your team mates have not yet picked up a disc.

Pressure, cover and balance




Finish the session playing a scrimmage. Looking for players that want the ball.

  • Decision making
  • Team work
  • The joy of working together
  • Feeling of success and failure 
  • Communication
  • Encouragement
  • Fun
Psychological / Social
  • Competitive
  • Go, go , go
  • The exercises make players work hard
  • Short bursts of energy
  • Quick movement off the ball
  • Game related
  • Passing - Weight, Accuracy and Timing
  • Ball control. Which part of the body?
  • Passing technique
  • Body shape when receiving the ball and when passing
  • Angle of support
  • Field awareness
  • Decision making
  • Pass to space or to feet
  • The understanding of movement
  • When do we need a team mate for help?
  • Team shape
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