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Crab soccer - Area depends on how many players you have. 20 x 25 is shown.

1. Designate about 3 – 4 players to be a ‘crab’. These players sit down on the field without a ball.

2. The rest of the players stand with their ball at one of the end lines.

3. On the coaches signal, the players have to dribble the ball to the opposite end line.

4. The ‘crabs’ move around on their 'butts' and have to try and kick the balls out of the playing area. If they do, that player now joins them to become a ‘crab’.

5. Once all players have reached the opposite end line, they now go again until all players have no ball.

Coaching points:

Close ball control

Attacking the space


  • This is a technical dribbling exercise that mimics game situations.

  • It teaches dribbling under pressure and the moment to attack space

  • It teaches field awareness and decision making


  • Players will get a sense of pressure from competing

  • They will be challenged on decision making and will need to solve problems

  • From a players perspective, it needs close ball control, vision and field awareness

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