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When building a successful team, we must be clear about our message. 


“The team is the most important thing.”


The potential of the team is always greater than the potential of any individual person. A group of people working together possesses limitless possibilities. They can work together to do something greater than themselves.


The leader, the Director of Coaching, must have authenticity, care and concern, work ethic, and knowledge of the group of coaches. While the team is the most important thing, working on coaches as individuals are also important. Behind every great team, there is a strong culture, quality leadership, and passionate, committed people. We cannot treat every person the same. The rules are the same, but treating people the same will not work. You should make every person in your organization feel part of the team. They will all contribute to your success. When people feel that they are being included, that they are genuinely cared for, and that their work is being consistently acknowledged by the club, a strong team culture naturally evolves. This builds a strength that is unbreakable. Building trust should be a top priority in youth sports. It is the foundation of high-performing organizations or teams. Trust and loyalty is built by being reliable, open, straightforward, and accepting. It also helps when you can come up with solutions that will improve the coach's performance. The club must also be a great listener. They take the time to listen to their members. We will value the contribution of each member of staff. Loyalty is earned by caring about not only the performance but also the person. 


The organization must be aware of what they want. When they know who they are and what playing style they want, they then know the kind of people they need to be successful.


Have a set of core values:

1. Authenticity/compassion for fellow teammates and staff

2. Character  

3. ‘The team comes first’ mentality

4. Work ethic/purpose

5. Always compete and be the best you can be

6. A student of the game – Growth mindset


These core values must be implemented every day.


A unifying purpose.


Support a common vision - Without clarity, your team will become unproductive and inefficient. With a clear destination, you can be focused and inspired. Practice90 will help you create a positive culture. Success happens when all members of an organization work towards a shared vision. They think ‘WE’ before ‘ME’ - The harmony and simplicity when a group of skilled people come together and work as one is pure poetry in motion.

Encourage and support each other – This is going to be your strongest asset. Not only do you become better soccer teachers but even better people.

Understand your strengths and roles – If you all do this, then every person will have a part to play in the progression of your organization. This is how you keep a competitive culture in your club. Everyone has a chance to make your organization grow. Successful organizations commit to their mission and to each other. Instead of serving themselves, they serve one another. 


Good luck!

Let's work together and make a difference.

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