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9. Counter Attacking

Area: 30 x 40 with two teams plus goalkeepers. Three groups are placed on each end line as shown. The coach has all the balls.

1.The exercise start with one team of three on the field (Green). The GK feeds them the ball. That player moves forward and shoots (unopposed).

2.Once a player takes a shot they must sprint to the end line and rejoin the game. The GK or coach now passes the ball to a yellow who play a quick counter attack in a 3v2 until the other defender recovers.

3.Once a yellow takes a shot a new three of greens enter the field quickly. The yellow shooter runs to the end line and defends. 

4.The rotation is after an attack and a turn at defending, the three players rotate with a new three (or on the coaches call)

Coaching points:



Quick passing and movement

The two defenders try to delay the play so the returning defender can recover.


Download the practice card

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