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10. Keep Away

Area: Two 20 x 30 yard areas as shown, Two teams of 6 players, he coach has all the balls.

1. The Coach passes a ball into each area, teams send two players

into opposing half to play 4 v 2. (Send only one player over to defend to play 5v1 if you feel your team needs to gain some confidence in this exercise.)

2. Defending players attempt to steal ball and return it to their own


3. If successful, play 6 v 2 with two soccer balls for as long as


4. Attacking team scores points for every pass completed when

both soccer balls are in their own area

Coaching Points:

Speed of play

1st touch - Is it a control or pass?

Keep the ball moving

Awareness of space


Add 3rd defender if attacking team keep both balls for a set period of time



Download the practice card

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