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9. Attacking Overload

Area: 40 x 60 split in half with two 20 x 60 playing zones. Two teams of 7 v 7 with a 4v3 in favor of attackers in each zone. The coach has all the balls.

1.Each player remains in their designated half of the field with three defenders in each half protecting their goal.

2.A 4v3 attack is played. Possession is kept until a shooting opportunity arrives.

3.If the defenders win the ball they attempt to pass it into the opposite zone to one of their team-mates.

4.If the GK gets the ball they restart by throwing the ball into the opposite half.

5.Switch players if need be so others get opportunities to attack or defend.


Play 2 touch.

Attackers have 15 seconds to get a shot off.

Coaching points:

Decision making

Technical and tactical awareness

Make the extra man count


Download the practice card

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