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5. Defensive shape and press

Area: 75 x 70. 7 v 7 no goal keepers. The coach has all the balls. Teams play a 2-4-1 system of play. Both teams are defending two small goals.

1. Start with ‘free play’.

2. The challenge is for the attacking team to score in either of the two goals.

3. Move the practice on by introducing start position scenarios for attackers. The purpose of this is to pinpoint exactly what you want your team to do when they are defending. Recreate scenarios of the defense giving the ball away.

4. Watch the reaction of the defending team when possession is lost. (out of balance)

5. If the defenders cannot win the ball back immediately they respond as follows:

•The nearest man slows the play down.

•Defenders delay the play.

•Team-mates drop into defensive shape as quickly as possible.

•Defenders stay compact and keeps the ball in front of them.

•Once in good defensive shape, the team now looks for the right moment to press.

•They look for the ‘trigger’ signs to press as a unit.


Download the practice card

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