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5. Teach Pressing

Set up……..

Area – 60 x 70, split into 3 zones as shown. 18 players, 9v9 and one large goal and 3 mini goals. Whites attack the large goal while reds score by passing through the small gates. Reds score one point for passing through the gate or two points if the goal keeeper moves into that gate and gathers the ball.

The rules of the game are:

1. There are no more than 3 passes allowed in each zone (This encourages a purpose when passing the ball)

2. Players are not allowed more than three touches.

3. When a team is out of possession and the ball is in a wide playing zone, the defending team must vacate the opposite wide playing zone (as shown)

4. The two defenders circled are the players that trigger the team press.

5. If the ball is switched it will test your defenders ability to regroup, close down and intercept.


Replace the small goals with a large goal.

Coaching points:

Decision making


Look for the 'Triggers' who dictate the press.


Download the practice card

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