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8. Possession & support

Area: Divide 30 x 50 into three zones two outer zones 30x20 and a middle zone 10x30. The game is shown as 5 v 5 blues v yellows. No goal keepers. 4v4 is played in the bottom zone. 1v1 in the opposite zone. Coach has all the balls.

1. The blues keep possession and transfer the ball to their team mate when they feel the time is right.

2. Once the ball is transferred three players from each team follow the ball. A blue and a yellow stay in that zone, ready for the ball to to come back in the opposite direction.

3. A team scores a point every time the ball is transferred twice consecutively and possession is kept.

 4. If an interception or tackle is made, yellows now attempt the same task.


Count 10 passes as a goal also.

Coaching points:

Quick passing. Work ethic. Movement and hold up play by the target player.

Decision to play the ball into the opposite zone.


Download the practice card

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