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4. High press

High press Area – 75 x 70 or full field. 8v8 with GK’s is shown but you can play 11v11. Smaller field for younger players. A breakout line is placed 30 yards from the green teams goal. The coach is focusing on the green team. Green play a 2-4-1 formation (with attacking and defensive centre midfielders)

1. The attack starts with the GK from the yellow team.

2. The aim for the yellow team is to play out from the back and get past the breakout line where they are free to go through on goal to score.

3. The defenders exerts high pressure on the ball to get the attackers heads down and prevent longer passes into space.

4. The green team aims to regain the ball near the opposition goal and quickly attack to score.

Coaching points: Defending team

Look for ‘trigger’ signs to press

When possession is won players switch focus in order to attack at speed.

Communication and team work

Defensive awareness


Download the practice card

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