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3. Overlaps

This supporting white player is the first to react

Area –30 x 20. Player A starts the exercise.

1.Player A passes to player B. Player B passes the ball wide to Player C.

2.Player A overlaps Player C who passes Player A the ball.

3.Player A passes to middle Player D. Player D starts the exercise coming the opposite way and so on.


• Same as above but player C passes back to B, who then passes to player A.

• After passing to player B, Player A overlaps player B. Player B passes to Player C and Player C passes the ball to Player A.

• Player A passes wide to either B or C. They then pass the ball back to player A who starts moving forward with the ball. Player B & C overlap central player A. Player A decides who to pass the ball to.

Coaching points:

Timing, weight of pass.

Movement and communication


Download the practice card

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