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3. Third man run

Area: 60 x 45 with the field having three 15 yard playing zones. Two small goals are positioned at either end. The game is shown as 7 v 7 (3-2-2  formation) The end zones are 3v2. Middle zone 2 touch and outer 3 touch.

1.The two midfielders from each team stay in the middle zone.

2. Teams keep possession and the ball can either be dribbled across or a run be made by an attacking defender.

3. The two midfielders are always offering support.

4. More than one defender can move into the attacking third. Be careful of the counter attack from the opposition.

5. Teams try to score in either small goal.

Coaching points:

Link up play

Movement to create angles

The player passing the ball can continue the run and may get the ball after one or two passes.

Quality passing. To space or to feet.


Download the practice card

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