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2. Reactions

Area: Four 12 x 12 yard boxes with a 3 yard cross shape channel in the middle as shown. 9 players in 3 teams of 3. The coach has all the balls. A 3 yard goal is positioned at every corner. The 3 yellows are positioned in one 12x12 area while the greens have one player in the other 3 12x12 areas. The orange players are situated on the center yellow cone.

1. The orange players are defenders. The coach passes the ball to the yellow team. One orange player enters that playing area.

2. The yellow team keep possession for 5 or more passes and then pass the ball to any green player.

3. The other two green players quickly move to support the green player while the yellow players move to individual playing areas and a new defender enters the green teams area. The other orange defender returns to the center.

4. If oranges win the ball the coach restarts the exercise.





1. If the players are advanced, you can allow two defenders to enter the playing area.

2. Add a scoring element for the defenders.

3. If a defender wins possession they can pass the ball out to another defender who turns and attacks any of the three squares. They can go it alone or receive help from another defender and attempt to dribble through the outer goal.

Coaching points:

Awareness and energy

Reaction to winning and losing the ball

No player should ‘ball watch’


Angles for passing


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