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1. Shooting

Area: 30x30 divided in half with goal and GK at each end. Two teams of 4 with 3  in one half vs. 1 attacker. Teams look to combine from GK in a 3 vs. 1 to shoot from within own half. Player in attacking half follows up for rebounds.

1.Play starts with the goal-keeper.

2. The yellows keep the ball away from the red player and when the opportunity comes to shoot, they take the shot.

3. When a shot is taken from a team, their team mate in the opposite area follows in the shot in case the GK drops it.

4.You can play this with a floating player that plays in with the team in possession. You can also play 4v2 if you have more players.


Team in possession can now play to team mate in attacking half to finish, set back or dribble to combine in attacking half to finish.

Coaching points:

1. Communication 2. Awareness of ball, space, team mates and defenders 3. Quality and type of pass 4. Quality 1st touch 5. Body shape on receiving the ball 6. Combinations to unbalance defenders and play forward to finish 7. Movement to create space to combine 8. When to pass to feet and when to pass to space 9. Break defensive lines through combinations




Download the practice card

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