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11. Creating chances for wide players

Download the practice card

The left back is in the best position to offer support.

Set up……..

Area: In half the field, attacking players line up as shown in 2-3-1 formation.

1. Attacking players attack a regulation goal with a goalkeeper.

2. Player A passes to Player B after Player B moves away and shows to

the ball.

3. Player B opens up and plays to Player C, who plays a long pass to Player D, who is showing to the ball.

4. Player D lays the ball off for Player E.

5. Player F exploits the space created by Player D’s run to the ball.

6. Player F receives a through ball from Player E to attack the goal.

7. Work the ball from the opposite side.


One-touch or two-touch shooting.

Coaching Points:

Quality passing

Timing of runs.


Check away from the ball and go hard to the ball


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