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2. Crossing & Finishing

Area: 45 x 45. Two 15 x 15 areas are placed as shown. Two balls are used. Two teams of four players in each playing area.

Forwards are placed at the cones. There are two crossing stations.

1.The passing sequence of the crossing stations: A passes to B who passes to C. This triggers a run from player D. Player C passes the ball to running player D who crosses for the two forwards.

2.The forwards attack the near and far post.



Add defenders at one goal and no defenders at the other.

Coaching points:

Quality of passing.

Timing of runs.

Type of pass/cross (lofted/driven/chip/swerve). 

Type of attacking runs into the area (front post/back post/edge of area). Take up positions to beat the defender and finish on goal.

Vary the crosses.


Download the practice card

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