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P90 coaching cards

Practice 90 is offering you the opportunity to really develop your soccer players. We believe in consistency. A well balanced soccer program has a huge impact on the development of a soccer player. P90 has three phases of development:

Phase I (8 - 10 year old)

Phase II (11 - 14 year old)

Phase III (15 - 18 year old)


Each phase is vital for a player to develop. Follow the P90 process and watch your players and team grow. The practice sessions are not easy. If they were easy then the players would not be challenged. They are geared towards the modern day coach.  The forward thinking coach who is constantly looking for ways to improve. Each practice session includes Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental and social aspects needed to improve a soccer player.


More coaching cards can be found on our Practice Day page. Each practice session comes with its very own coaching card.

P90 Coaching cards

Dribble/Run with the ball

Create scoring opportunities

Passing Technique

Shooting Technique

Play through the midfield

Find the open player

Play the ball forward

Balanced defending

Organize flat back 4

1v1 with the Goalkeeper

Positional play

Counter Attacking

Send P90 your thoughts and ideas about development. If you have any questions about coaching soccer, feel free to ask. Good luck!

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