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9. Shooting

Set up……..

Area: 30 x 40 with two goals. The teams are divided into defenders (Dark) and attackers (Red) with two goalkeepers. Attacking players are split into 3 groups, A, B and C, while defenders are in two groups either side of the goal, D & E.

1. 3 attackers get ready. Play starts from player A who chips the ball to the GK.

2. As soon as the pass is played, players A & B run around the cones marked 1 & 2 and players D & E run around the poles marked 3 & 4.

3. The GK distributes the ball to player C who attacks the opposite goal and will be joined by team mates A & B.

4. A 3 v 2 is played. If the defenders win the ball, they can attack the opposite goal.

Coaching points:

The support of A & B are crucial. They have to be quick to support player C.

Player C has to entice player D or E towards the ball to create spcae for their team mates.

Offside rule is in play. 


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