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8. Win the midfield battle.

Download the practice card

Set up……..

Area – Set up on a full size field. There is a 20 x 20 area around the center circle. In this area you can play a 4v3 or 3v2. The attacking team play with two full backs, two wingers and two forwards while the defending team have a back 4 and one holding midfield player.


1. The session can start with the central defending 3 players keeping possession of the ball. When the attacking midfielders win the ball back, they start the attack.

2. It is very compact in the middle so you are looking for players to play it wide. Once the attack is started one of the middle players supports the attack. This support will come from the player who offers the best option for the attack (Decision making) The defenders in the middle zone stay.

3. Once the ball is played wide the players are looking to create a 2v1 against the defender.

4. Encourage your full backs to join in. The aim is to feed the ball to the forwards or the attacking midfielder. The opposite winger will attack the back post.


A defender can come out of the middle zone and defend.

Move to 11v11 with reds now being able to attack the opposite goal. Whichever team in the middle zone completes 3 or more passes, they start the attack.

Coaching points:

Move the ball quickly.

Use the spare man to keep possession if attack slows down or passess cannot be made quickly.

Movement off the ball.



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