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8. Being competitive

Area – Three 12 x 12 boxes with 4 players in boxes 1, 2 and 3 with one ball in each box.

1. Two players start at the cones on the end-line as shown.

2. The players that are in the 12 x 12 area pass the ball and move in their own area working on their technique.

3. On the coaches signal, the two players sprint round the cones to box one and enter the 12 x 12 area.

4. They attempt to win the ball while the 4 players play keep away.

5. Once they win the ball, they move into box two until they have won the ball and then into box three. Once they win the ball in box three, they sprint past the end line.

6. The coach times the players to see how long it takes.

Coaching points:

Praise the competitive actions

Team work.


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