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7. Counter attack

Set up……..


Set up on half a field 8 v 5. In a 20 x 30 area place 9 players 6 v 3 and two strikers and two defenders on the edge of the 18 yard box.

1. The coach serves in the ball to the dark team.

2. After 5 or more passes the dark team plays a ball to one of the strikers.

3. Once the pass is made two dark players can go and support the two strikers and one yellow player can go and defend (4v3)

4. Attackers attempt to score quickly.

5. If yellows win the ball, they have to try and get the ball to the coach.


Involve more players attacking and defending

Add wide players

Coaching points:

Awareness of others, create angles and space

Defenders press as a team



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