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7. 1 v 1, 2 v 2 fitness

Area – 25 x 30, 2 goals with GK’s. Teams are placed at opposite ends as shown with a cone facing each team 30 yards away.

1. The coach calls out a number. If coach calls “TWO”, 2 players from each team run around the opposite cone as fast as they can. They now attack the goal they are facing.

2. The coach serves in the ball. A 2 v 2  is played.

3. Play until a goal is scored or until the ball goes out of bounds.

4. Players return back to their group and the coach calls out another number.


Play with no GK. First player that runs around the cone becomes a GK.

Tell the players to + 1 every time you call a number. Shout 2, but 3 go etc

If you have really young players and you want to teach spacing, place 4 cones on the field in the shape of a diamond. Tell the players every time you shout "Go!", 5 players from each team start. As the players run around the cone and onto the field, each player must stand on a cone. (No player from the same team must be on the same cone) Once they get into this position, roll in a soccer ball.


Coaching points:

Positive 1 v 1

Good decision making if 2 v 2 or more


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